Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into the new updated App?
In order to access your issues you now need to create a new log in, note that this is a different account to the one you previously used to log in. Once you have created your new account you’ll be prompted to sign in with these new details.

How do I use the ‘Read Mode’ tool?
To access this new tool you need to enter an issue and double tap the screen, the read mode features will then appear at the top of the page. For more information on these features head to our App Guide in the hamburger menu on the left hand side of the App.

How do I use the ‘Text-to-speech’ tool?
First double tap the screen inside an issue to enable read mode. The headphone icon will appear at the top of the page, select this to begin listening to the audio. You can then use the player functions to skip ahead or rewind.

Where do I find my bookmarked pages?
Bookmarked pages can be found by entering the App and then selecting the hamburger menu in the top left corner - from there you can select bookmarks.

How do I restore my purchases?
You’ll be prompted to restore your purchases when you first log in to the updates App, however if you missed this all you need to do is head to the top left menu inside the App and select ‘Restore Purchases’.

I want to turn off auto renew
Unfortunately, we cannot do this on your behalf. You’ll need to manage subscriptions via your account.

For more information for Apple devices please visit:
For Android devices follow:

How do I reset my password?
When you first open the App you will be prompted to log in, from here you click the button ‘Sign In’, you’ll then reach a page that asks for your email and password, enter your email here and then select the copy underneath that reads ‘Forgotten your password?’. You should then receive an email with details on how to reset your password.

How do I use the dark mode feature?
Double tap the screen inside an issue to enable read mode and access the Dark Mode feature. To turn on Dark Mode simply tap the crescent moon icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and your issue will switch to a dark colour scheme that’s easy on your eyes. Tap the icon again to return to turn Dark Mode off.

I have a print subscription, does this mean I also have access to the digital edition?
Unfortunately not, our digital and print subscriptions have to be purchased separately.

I can’t see all of my purchased issues
If you purchased directly through the app, make sure you are logged in to the App Store/Google Play Store with the details you purchased your issues with. Then restore your purchases through the hamburger menu on the left hand side of the app. If you purchased through BuySubscriptions, it may be that you have multiple subscription numbers. You will need to input each number into the app individually in order to see your back issues. 

How do I find my subscriber number?
You can find your subscriber number by logging into your account on the Buy Subscriptions website.

Who can I contact for further help? 
Please fill out this contact form